How to Create Load Balancer in AWS

Create the EC2 instance and configure the linux machine and window machine according the requirement like :-  php mouldes, ftp server, samba server and any other packages.

Create the first instance steps already uploaded in My Blog :-

Create the AMI for create the new instance for other two load balancer :--

     >     create Imange

Create the One more instance from AMI with packages require the first instance.

  >  select
  follow the first instance steps.

Now put the public ip in brower.
Go to Load balancers tab in Lift Side.

 >  Create Load Balancer

Select the Appplication Load Balanser.

Give the Details like :-  Name

 Give the availability zone.

Security Group.

Give the target details like :-

Select the servers which you are running in Load balance like :--  We have Two Servers.

And Now You can see Load balaners give DNS Name like :-

Put the DNS Name in Broswer like :-

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