how to launch aws instance using ansible

We will learn today how to launch AWS EC2 Instance using Ansible.
Today, Automation time So Every want to saving  time and we will use ansible for automation to create instances in AWS Cloud Service.

1. Create a EC2 Instance first by AWS Console :-
2. Install Same Packages in Ansible Machine :-
  • Ansible
  • Python
  • Boto
  • Pip
Command Below :-
sudo amazon-linux-extras install ansible2
yum install ansible
yum install python-pip
pip install boto

Note :- If first command not running then using this command.
pip install ansible

Verity the packages :-

3. Create a IAM and Save the Access Key and Secret Key :-

Note :- I am not sharing Secret Key in Above Screenshot for Security Purpose but you save your keys in your machine.
vim .boto

4. Create a Ansible file for Creating EC2 Instance :-
vim ec2_create.yml

Past below code in this ec2_create.yml
- name: ec2 instance
  hosts: localhost
  connection: local
  - name: launing ec2
      instance_type: t2.micro
      key_name: ss
      image: ami-00b6a8a2bd28daf19
      region: ap-south-1
      group: test
      count: 1
      vpc_subnet_id: subnet-fcc87eb0
      wait: yes
      assign_public_ip: yes

5. Run the Ansible Playbook :-
ansible-playbook ec2_create.yml

Now, You can see in AWS Console New EC2 Instance is running.

Note :- We don't define the Volume in Ansible Playbook it will take Automatic 8 GB Volume.
If you want to more details in ansible playbook use this link.

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