How to resize EC2 Instance ebs volume

We will learn today, How to Resize EC2 Instance EBS Volume. Some time, We need to increase our EBS Volume which is our requirement.  

Increasing EBS Volume Size :-

1. Select the EC2 Instance which one you resize EBS Volume :-

2. Go to Select EC2 Instance EBS Volume :-
3. Change the Resize as per requirement or need :-

Note :- Only you can increase the size of ebs volume not decrease that so carefully for that
 4. Click Next
Note :- I am Changing 10 GB to 12 GB

Note :- You can also Resize EC2 Instance EBS Volume by command line :-
aws ec2 modify-volume --region ap-south-1 --volume-id vol-xxxxxxxx --size 11 --volume-type io1 --iops 10
5. Login Your Machine, I am using Amazon AMI 2 EC2 Instance. But till showning 10 GB not 12 GB So below the step to do :-
6. growpart command to give us the increasing  EBS volmne size but not show in df -h command :-
7.  resize2fs command give to use increasing  EBS volmne size :-
resize2fs /dev/xvda1

If you facing the resize command so click troubleshoot and also go to Troubleshooting Menu bar.

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